Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario (IAPO) is a non-profit Ontario corporation with Letters Patent issued in June 1984. IAPO is owned by Status Indian farmers in Ontario. The board of directors, who are Status Indian farmers and business owners, represent various districts across Ontario.

IAPO – More than farm  and agri business  financing:  While agriculture is core to IAPO, in 2013 the Board of Directors approved the expansion of lending services to include general business financing. To date, IAPO has provided financing for construction, transportation, trucking, retail, service and manufacturing businesses. 

“Empowered First Nations Communities”

Registered Status Indians having memberships and a membership number on a band list for an Ontario band located both on, and off, First Nation territories.

Our board of directors consists primarily of First Nations people with agricultural backgrounds who work towards achieving the mandate and goals of our organization. Directors are selected for their experience, training and skills in business, community economic development, and finance. The board of directors is responsible for planning and directing the activities undertaken by Indian Agricultural Program of Ontario. They are a dedicated, effective group working towards a viable economic future for our communities.

Peterborough District

  1. Vacant, Vice Chairman
  2. Amanda Ioannou, Chairman

Brantford District

  1. Ted Davis Jr., Director
  2. Jay Wright, Director

London/Bruce District

  1. Vacant

Sudbury District

  1. Margaret “Tish” Manitowabi, Secretary Treasurer

Agricultural Lending Director

  1. Curt Cooper

Advisor to the Board

  1.  OMAFRA Representative – Kevin Laidley